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How To Search Public Criminal Records Online

By Ben Jen

There are millions of criminals and ex-criminals in the country, and that’s just counting those who got nabbed. Based on historical data, a good portion of them would not have learnt their lesson. The recidivism rate within 3 years of release reportedly averages around 3% and greater than 15% for those who relapse while still on parole or probation. How can we spot them when we cross path?

We can indeed quite readily find out the truth about people on many things, past and present, not least their criminal history or current standing from their Public Criminal Records. There are several other related supportive-type record categories such as Arrest, Inmates, Jail, Sex Offender and Police Records but Public Criminal Records is the most widely used as far as Criminal Violation Checks are concerned.

Criminal Records can be quite confidential in content but they are public records nevertheless. That means anyone can access anybody’s Public Criminal Records as long as it’s done through the proper channels. They can be requested from the local police department if the exact residential location of the subject is known. Alternatively, they are obtainable from the appointed state agencies in charge of the function. The standard methods of retrieval are by mail, walk in, telephone, fax and more recently online over the internet. They can also be purchased from commercial record providers.

The standard information found in Public Criminal Records are the personal particulars of the subject, the details of the crime like date and place where it’s committed, the case type and number, photographs, conviction or sentence, arresting agency and so forth. If there were multiple criminal violations, they will all be shown except for those which were committed outside of the state.

Public Criminal Records come under the jurisdiction of the state government. Being so, they are subject to variations between the state laws from state to state. Differences in the laws governing the access of the records and the treatment and use of the information derived from them are commonplace from one state to another. On top of this, they are not linked between the states. This means that each state would have to be searched individually if there’s more than one to cover.

Public Criminal Records are widely retrieved these days. They are done so for a variety of reasons, most common of which are employment screening, social volunteer assessment, police work, legal proceeding support and background checks on neighbors, colleagues, tenants, friends and even relatives. It must be noted though that restriction concerning privacy and discrimination applies so it’s best to check with the authorities or professionals on their proper access and use.

There are two versions of Public Criminal Records namely the free-of-charge (FOC) and paid ones. The majority of FOC records are from government agencies. The procedures to obtain them are usually tedious and require waiting time. Paid records from commercial information brokers are the no-fuss answer for those who are not game to the challenge of red tapes. A financial cost is incurred but they are generally worth the money.

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